Weight Gain New Home Remedies


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The peoples which have overweight wish to reduce weight and the peoples have less weight wish to increase the body weight.It’s a natural thinking of all the people around us.Today we are trying to update some tips to increase the body weight within one or two months.It’s not easy to increase the body weight fast.Hard work makes us perfect for increasing the body weight.For the good health, we have to maintain our body weight. Food timing, change in food habits are the main reason for an unhealthy body.There is a high chance for catch various diseases for an unhealthy body. An unhealthy body does not have proper disease resistant power and body resistant power.For it’s better to maintain our body properly to get good health and so on.

Underweight and overweight leads to various diseases.To maintain all this it’s better to stop unhealthy food habits. Underweight results in various diseases like Anemia, Bone problems, Heart problems, Kidney problems etc.Proper exercise and food control is the better way to avoid all these problems. The better remedies for weight gain is given below


1, DATES: Dates is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is very helpful to gain weight. The fiber and various energy source in dates surely very helpful to increase body weight.Continuously Eat ten to fifteen dates in the morning before food will surely help to increase the body weight and resistance power.

2, EGG: Egg is better to increase the body calories. Egg contain more fat and proteins with respect to other food items. So egg is also a good medium to increase the body weight. Egg white have more proteins and fat. It’s better to gain weight. Try more than four egg white per day help to increase weight.We can also use dates for making juice.It’s also good for our good health.

3, POTATO: Potato and potato juice is very helpful for our body. Potato is rich in carbohydrate contents. It’s essential for the body. We can also use potato juice for increase weight.Use it daily will surely help to gain your weight.