Harmful Things Sugar


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Harmful Things Sugar

HARMFUL THINGS SUGAR: Sugar is also called a silent killer.It kills our cells slowly and slowly.Sugar is also known as the white poison. It has the 10 times more power than drugs. So it called as the white poison.Sugar causes a lot of health problems. Mainly it attacks our brain. It’s better to avoid sugar and sugar products helps to get good health and also a good life.Sugar is the main reason for diabetics. It’s also a deadly disease.It damaged our liver and other parts of our body.Overuse of sugar results in following Problems

1, Depression

2, Tired

3, Fever

4, Overweight of the body

5, Body infection

The mostly lot of people’s addicted to sugar without knowing them. It’s the silent power of sugar to addicted than drugs.Most of the peoples don’t know that how to make sugar and what are the ingredients added in sugar.If we should know and aware about the chemicals which include in sugar.It helps to decrease the use of sugar and sugar materials.It’s made from sugarcane juice.disintegrate the phosphorous, calcium, color, iron from sugar cane juice and mix with twenty-three chemicals and form sugar crystals. We can be kept it for years without any damage. It’s also used as preservatives. The sugar crystals only contain the starch. It’s very harmful to our intestine. It is harmful for the digestion.If we overuse sugar it mainly damaged our following body parts,

1, Bone

2, Teeth

3, Blood vessels

Calcium, Phosphorous, and starch help for digestion.But in divided sugar, it does not contain above materials. Because of that Sugar can’t be digested. So its strictly harmful for our intestine and body. The 23 plus chemical mixtures in sugar is also destroying our health.This can’t be eliminated by our body with help of liver, kidney, and skin. At last, it leads to liver and kidney failure.