Homely Health Drink


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Homely Health Drink

HOMELY HEALTH DRINK: In summer season it’s not easy to recover from the hot climate.The heat causes various diseases and so many health problems.To overcome heat and to cool our body we introduced a cooled natural drink.It’s very easy to make and also helpful and healthy for our body.It’s good for the thirst. It’s made by using the basil leaves.Basil is also called us Thulasi leaves.In front of most of the homes in India, we can saw one basil plant.It’s mostly an Indian culture to plant Tulasi. Basil gives freshness to mind and also to our body. Tulasi leaves also have importance in Temple.

BENEFITS: Mostly the important benefits of Basil leaves are

1, Used for stomach pain

2, Cough

3, Diabetes

4, Pressure

5, Ulcer


1, Thulasi Leaves

2, Lemon –> 1

3, Honey –>4 Teaspoon

4, Cardamom

5, Water

MAKING: First, take a mixer jar and put some basil leaves in it. Mix one lemon juice into the jar. Put some cardamom into the jar and fill it with water which you need for this drink.After fill water mixes the honey you want. Don’t use more sugar if you are a diabetic patient.Grind it in the mixer and sieve the Juice.It’s a good energy drink and is good for the health.