Teeth Sensitivity Home Remedies


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Teeth Sensitivity Home Remedies

TEETH SENSITIVITY HOME REMEDIES:Teeth sensitivity is a major problem faced us in all occasions while eating or drinking.We lost enamel of our teeth and finally, the roots or veins are exposed which is finally results in sensitivity.It’s due to various mouth infections and food problems.Mainly our unhealthy habits lead to teeth sensitivity.To overcome this situation there is a lot of natural home remedies.It will surely help to overcome sensitivity.In dental care, sensitivity considers as the main default which occurs in the mouth.The Main symptoms of sensitivity are given below


1, It’s been a pain in teeth while eating.

2, Cant able to drink cold water.

3, Cant able to use cold food items.

4, Pain while using hot food and water.

5, Not easy to use sour or sweet food materials

6, Pain on teeth while intake air via the mouth. (Air contact is another problem)


The main causes for teeth sensitivity given below

1, Unhealthy brushing.

2, Various bacteria, fungus, virus attack on teeth.

3, Using of artificial foods.

4, Artificial tooth whitening products.

5, Due to Grinding of teeth.

6, Overuse of chemicals in food materials.

7, Lack of oral hygiene.


1, SALT WATER: Salt water is helpful to avoid sensitivity. Salt water contains a lot of antibacterial elements it helps to keep our teeth hygiene and prevent from bacterial attacks.we can make it as a simple way given below,Take 1/2 teaspoon of salt and mix it with one cup of warm water.Use the salt water in mouth.Move the water in all the mouth parts.Use it twice daily will help to control sensitivity.


Mustard oil –> 1 Tablespoon Rock Salt –>1 Tablespoon Mix these two above ingredients and make it as a paste form. gently rub the paste in your mouth.Use it daily for 5 more minutes.It’s also a good natural home remedy for sensitivity.

3, GUAVA LEAVES: Guava has special importance in our Ayurveda. It’s used for various problems.It’s also good for teeth whitening and control bacterial attack.Chew Guava tender leaves daily easily control the sensitivity. Mix guava leaves in less hot water and use this water to clean the mouth will also control sensitivity.