Home Remedies Prickly Heat


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Home Remedies Prickly Heat

HOME REMEDIES PRICKLY HEAT:Summer season is the hardest situation to handle. No one can easily overcome prickly heat. It’s the peak time for various diseases. It’s not easy to overcome this disease fast.In the summer season, the common problem faced by all is skin diseases.Humidity is also a main problem in heat season. It mostly causes various skin diseases.The main in skin disease is prickly heat. It’s due to the sweat and humidity.It excessive produced in our body in the summer time.Prickly heat can appear in all the body parts.It’s medically called miliaria.To overcome this situation there is a lot of home natural remedies.Its have no side effects and easy to use.


Here below the most important home remedies for prickly heat.


Must drink more than 10 glass of water especially in summer season. It will reduce the body heat and stress so that it helpful to overcome all the summer disease.Water is very helpful to cool our body and helpful to overcome the dehydration occurs in the body.

2, OATS:

Oats is also a good natural remedy for prickly heat. Mix some oats with water and apply in affected part for 30 minutes.Use it daily two times.It also helps to soften our skin.It will surely help to overcome prickly heat.


Multani mitti is an ayurvedic pwoder which is available in all ayurvedic medical stores.It is purely natural and helpful to control prickly heat. Take some powder and mix it with rose water and make it as a paste.Use the paste in affected part for 1 or two hours. Clean it with cold water. It’s also a good natural remedy for heat.


Neem is a good ayurvedic medicine for a lot of diseases. Take some neem leaves and heat it with some water.Mix the leaves with water and make a paste. Apply it in affected part for more than one hour. The antibacterial elements in neem leaves help to control the various diseases in the body especially prickly heat.It’s an important method which gives fast relief.We can also use the neem water for bathing and washing.It kills bacteria and virus in the body.