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Make Face Soft

MAKE FACE SOFT:All of the peoples cares their beauty. Ladies as well as gents care for their facial beauty and also the body.It’s a natural aspect to care beauty.Nowadays most of the ladies spend more money for facial treatments and spa.They gave importance to beauty more than food and other materials.Beauty always gives you a good confidence and good attraction.Acne and black marks are the main face problem faced by ladies and also gents.There is a lot of home remedies to control and remove all facial problems.Here we mainly describe some tips to Soften your skin and avoid acne. These natural tips are really helpful to soften your face.

1, TOMATO:Tomato is good in Ayurveda medicines and also it includes in various natural medicines. If we try tomato paste in the face will glow our skin and good to soften our skin. Tomato is also a great remedy for pimples and acne.Apply tomato paste daily 2 times in face help to soften the skin. Moreover, the tomato is an excellent skin toner to treat the facial bacterial affection.

2, WATER:Drink more than 8 glass of water glows your face naturally.It’s a basic knowledge to drink more than 8 water per day. It’s not only good for face, it’s for the whole body. Water is helpful to remove the toxins in our body.

3, GARLIC PASTE:Garlic is a natural medicine for various diseases. It’s a natural agent to clean face from pimples and acne. Make garlic paste with honey and two or three drops of lemon. Apply it in affected part help to control the facial problems. Use it once a day for easy removal of pimples.

4, POTATO:Potato is good for the removal of pimple marks in the face. first, crush the potato in the mixer grinder and make a paste. Then mix some curd in it, if you want you can also add some drops of lemon juice in it. Mix it well and apply on face daily 2 times. It’s a good natural remedy to soften the face skin and to glow the skin.The below video describe more about the tips to make soft the skin.