Cashew Juice Health Benefits


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Cashew Juice Health Benefits

CASHEW JUICE HEALTH BENEFITS: Cashew is always rich in healthy contents.It’s consist of minerals vitamins and lot of health benefits for increase the body resistance power and health. Cashew nut is also rich in various vitamins and minerals. In Kerala cashew is used for various natural medicines. From all other fruits, cashew is different. It’s because of rich in Vitamin C in it. From various studies, scientists conclude its very helpful to control the cancer cells. It also helps to stable our heart strong and also the muscle functions. It’s useful in treatment of

1, Diabetes

2, Anemia

3, Cholesterol

It gives our body to perform high immunity power. It’s because of the various antioxidising agents in cashew.


1, Rich in proteins

2, Rich in minerals which include copper, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron and zinc.

3, Rich in Vitamins which include Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K.

4, Helps in Brain Function.

5, Regulates Heart function.

6, Help to control Thyroid.

7, It also helps in weight loss.

8, Increase immunity power to control cancer.

9, Control diabetes.

10, Help to increase the red blood cells.


1, Cashew also have some disadvantages. If we increase the amount of using of cashew it results in kidney stones. Cashew has more oxalate salts and calcium. It may have the chance to increase kidney stone.

2, Some of the persons have allergy while using cashew.Nausea, cough, vomiting are some of this allergies.

3, The overuse or allergic peoples have a tendency to increase the gastric problems.It’s always a small problem and can be controllable.



1, Cashew Fruit -> 6

2, Rice water -> 4 Tablespoon

3, Sugar –> 3 Tablespoon


Take the cashew fruit and sieve the juice of cashew into a glass. Mix some rice water into it. kept it for 10 minutes. It’s for remove tannin in cashew fruit. Tanin has bitter in taste. After 10 minutes we get clear juice. Sieve it without tannin. Mix some sugar and we can use it.It’s a good natural healthy drink to use at this summer season.