Kidney Stone Natural Remedies


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Kidney Stone Natural Remedies

KIDNEY STONE NATURAL REMEDIES: The kidney stone is a familiar disease which increased day by day. It is mostly seen in gulf peoples.It’s mainly due to the hot climate.Dehydration of the body is the main reason for the kidney stone.The another reason for kidney stone from our unhealthy food habit.Most of the new diseases from our unhealthy food habits.It’s formed by the chemical reactions in urine such calcium and oxalic acids.It,s results in enormous pain and severe body problems.There is a lot of natural remedies to cure the kidney stone.


Lemon juice–> 1 teaspoon

Honey–> 1 teaspoon

Olive oil –> 1 teaspoon

Fresh water–> 1 glass

Mix the lemon juice and honey in fresh water and shake well.Use the mixture with olive oil and shake it once more.Use it daily in morning before food also water.Remember that eat food and water only after one hour. It’s a good home remedy to avoid the kidney stone.Use more than 3-liter water helps to prevent dehydration of our body.


Watermelon is also good to control the kidney stone. Watermelon consist of more calcium and magnesium also helps our body to the constant in good health.It is most helpful to regulate the urine level in our body. So watermelon also helps to control the kidney stone.


Unhealthy food habit is also a reason for the kidney stone. So try to avoid unhealthy food and chemical food.Try to eat healthy food and also control the diet.It helps to avoid kidney stone.Try to stop the use of alcohol and also alcoholic materials. It results in dehydration and increases the chance of kidney stone.Smoking is also injurious to our health.


The juice of pomegranate also helps to control the kidney stone.The seed and juice have a lot of health benefits. It having more calories help to the build up of the body.Having fully nutrients and have more needful things which help our body and gave resistance power