Healthy Foods Control Diabetes


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Healthy Foods Control Diabetes

HEALTHY FOODS CONTROL DIABETES: Diabetes is a popular disease among all the peoples around the age above forty-five.It’s sometimes a dangerous disease which affects the various organs in our body.In our place, there is a lot of sugar patients due to their lifestyle.There is a lot of natural remedies and food control methods to prevent the diabetic problems.Here we introduced sugar-free special oats for diabetic patients.We can use it twice a day to control the sugar problems.It’s also useful for children’s.The special oats are easy to making and good to control the sugar.It’s a healthy food away diabetes.


1, crushed oats –> 1 Glass

2, Rava –> 1/2 Glass

3, Cabbage

4, Carrot

5, Onion

6, Ginger

7, Tomato

8, Curd

9, Pepper powder

10, Chilly powder


First of all, take one glass of crushed oats same as which seen in below video.Mix Rava in that crushed oats.Put some Tomato, ginger, onion, Cabbage, and carrot into oats.If you like vegetables more you can increase the quantity of vegetable as shown in below video.After that mix some curd in it. Also, mix pepper powder and turmeric powder in it.Use chilly powder and garam masala in it and mix well with some water.After mixing use a frying pan.It will gives freshness.