Throat Pain Home Remedies


Throat Pain Home Remedies


Throat pain is common in both children’s and old peoples.It’s due to various reasons and having irritating symptoms.if u have throat pain It’s not easy to speak.Throat infection is the main reason for throat pain.There is a lot of home remedies to solve the throat infection and all throat problems.There are extra reasons for a sore throat.Anyway throat pain is painful and disgusting


The main causes for throat pain is given below

1, Use of Cigarettes

2, Air pollution

3, Due to virus action

4, Bacterial infection

5, Allergy and overuse of Alcohol

Due to all these throat pain is painful and uncomfortable.Here below I will describe most useful home natural remedies to overcome the throat pain.It will surely help to reduce the pain.


1, USE OF LESS HOT SALT WATER: Salt is helpful and antiseptic for reduce the severe throat pain.By use of salt water in throat daily thrice a day will help to reduce the pain.Salt contain various oxidizing agents to get relief from throat pain.

2, LEMON AND TURMERIC POWDER: Take one glass of hot water, Lemon, 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder and salt. Mix the Lemon juice in hot water after that mix turmeric powder and salt. Shake this solution well. Use the solution to gargle in the throat. Use this daily reduce the pain of throat.

3, GARLIC AND GINGER: Garlic is an antibacterial and pain relief agent.To prevent sores in throat we can surely use the garlic.Eat one piece or crushed garlic or crushed garlic solution prevent the sores in the throat and get instant relief. Mixing of ginger juice and garlic juice to apply to throat also help to prevent the throat pain.These all home remedies are powerful and easy to solve without any side effects.

The below-described video detailed describe the throat pain remedies. Watch the video and give your valuable suggestions