Natural Remedies For Diabetes


Diabetes Natural Remedies


Diabetes is not a fully curable disease.But we can reduce the diabetic level by using various natural remedies.In India number of diabetic patients increase day by day. It’s due to various reasons around us.The main reason for the diabetic is our change in food habits.Nowadays doctors consider diabetes us a major health problem.Diabetes gradually destroys our health and destroy our disease resistant power of our body.

The increase of sugar level in blood is called us diabetes.diabetes in two types.TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 diabetes.The first type which cannot produce insulin in the body.This is the most common type which seen in all peoples.The second one which insulin does not work properly or body become resistant to insulin.Insulin is produced by the pancreas.


1, weight loss

2, Fatigue

3, Thirst

4, Unknown Diseases


1, USE OF BITTER GOURD: Take three or four bitter gourds to make this natural remedy.Remove the skin and also the seeds from bitter gourd.Crush it in Mixer with water to extract the juice.This juice is very helpful to reduce the blood sugar level. Drink the juice daily in empty stomach every morning.Bitter gourd is helpful to increase the insulin from the pancreas.Most of the diabetes patients use the bitter gourd to reduce sugar.It is applicable for the both TYPE 1 and also the TYPE 2 diabetes.It easily controls the sugar level.

2, USE OF CINNAMON: Cinnamon has commonly used the item in food and gravy to get good smell and taste.We can use it to reduce sugar level.Crush cinnamon and make some powder.Boil one liter of water and put three tablespoon cinnamon powder in it.Simmer it for 15 to twenty minutes in low flame.Strain the boiled water and drink twice a day. It is also a good natural remedy for diabetes.

3, MANGO LEAVES: Tender mango leaves is also used to reduce the sugar level.

4, FENUGREEK SEEDS: Soak two or three tablespoon fenugreek seeds in 250ml of water.Put it for a night and crush it in the mixer and strain the juice.This juice is also helpful to reduce sugar level.