Heart Block Remedies


Heart Block Remedies


Nowadays heart block health problems common in Kerala. Its due to our various life style and change in foods. Consumption of alcohol increased day by day and also the use of various toxic items. All the chemicals were harmful to our body.Its increase the chance of different diseases day by day.Two many natural home remedies to overcome the heart block.This all have less chance to avoid the heart block.Typically it have more benefits in ancient times. But now the life style is changed. The plaque formed in inner walls of arteries stop the blood flows,So there is a block formed their. It leads to heart attack , stroke and also various heart diseases.


The main symptoms of heart block are

1, Sudden pain in chest

2, Breathing problems

3, Head ache

4, Fatigue

5, Tired with out doing and work


1,Garlic: Garlic is one of the most powerful remedy for clogged arteries.Garlic juice help to open the clogged blood circulation.Use garlic in cooking and in foods is most important for our health.

2, Turmeric: Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder and honey mix these two and shake well for 2 minutes. Drink it two times daily before lying on bed.Its also good for our health.It improves the blood circulation and open the clogged arteries.This is one of the most important natural tip to avoid the heart block.

3, Lemon Juice: Lemon is a powerful antioxidant and it have high power to resistant from various diseases.Lemon contains various vitamins it will also help to give resistant power to our body.It will surely increase the flow of blood circulation in our body.

Mix lemon juice with 2 table spoon honey and some pepper powder is helpful for arteries.Use this mixture twice a day will help for open clogged arteries.

4, Banana Blossom : This is very simple basic tip to avoid heart block.This tip details  described in below video