Skin Tag Quick Remedies


Skin tag quick remedies


Today we can discuss the problems like skin tags. Skin tags usually seen in face, neck, leg and hands.It’s not easy to remove.It’s also called skin tab.It’s caused mainly due to the folding of skin.There is a lot of quick remedies to avoid skin tags.Here we introduced some new natural remedies which can easily make in home to solve skin tags.


This is mainly caused when we always rubbed in folding parts of the’s usually seen in peoples having

1, Genetically

2, Diabetes

3, Obesity

4, Heredity

5, Scratches in skin

6, At the period of pregnancy


1, ONION:   Use of onion with salt help us to remove the skin tag easily.Take a piece of small onion and cut it pieces. put some salt with it and kept for a night.Use the juice from the onion in affected part at morning. It surely gives quick relief from the skin tags.

2, PINEAPPLE: Pineapple juice is good to remove the skin tag. Apply the solution in affected part twice a day will help to crush skin tags.

3, CASTER OIL: Mix the ingredients like castor oil and baking soda and applied it on affected parts twice a day.

4, GARLIC JUICE: Apply the garlic in affected parts and massage twice a day.This also gives you quick relief from skin tag

5, ALOE VERA: Aloe vera is also a good scrubber to remove the skin tags. Apply the aloe vera gel in skin tags and gently rub for 5 minutes. It’s also a good home remedy for remove skin tag.

6, GINGER: Ginger is usually used to remove skin tag permanently. Take a small piece of ginger and slightly rub in affected parts to get relief.

7, LEMON: Lemon is a good carrier to remove the skin tag.Lemon having naturally citric acid, this help to remove the skin tag.Use it in affected part surely help to remove and get instant relief.