Beetroot New Beauty Tips


Beetroot New Beauty Tips


Beetroot is natural, healthy and perfect vegetable for various aspects. It is suitable to recover from various diseases and beauty problems.Beetroot juice gives body color and beauty for the face.Mostly beetroot is used for increase color and pimple marks.It reduces the pimples in the face and helps to remove pimples.It’s mostly effective for removing the stitch marks and burn marks in face and body.Beetroot is also helpful to reduce the cholesterol in our body.Based on the various studies from universities, Use of beetroot in our diet will help us to reduce weight and cholesterol.It is the most effective method for remove black marks from our face.Use of beetroot also helps to increase the stamina of our body.

Beetroot consists of Fibre, manganese, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.It increase our body resistant power.It also helps to prevent cancer.Medically beetroot has the nickname as viagra.It also gives the power of natural viagra.It nails to clean our blood.



1, Beetroot -> 1

2, Ginger -> 2 Piece

3, Sugar -> 2 teaspoon

4, lemon Juice -> 2 Teaspoon

Take one beetroot and ginger. Wash it well and cut it into small pieces. Mix some lemon juice in it and crush it in a mixer grinder. Filter the juice in a glass and drink it once a day will surely help to increase the face color.The below video describe more about the beetroot benefits.Watch it and give your valuable comments.