Varicose vein important symptoms


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Varicose vein symptoms


A varicose vein is most commonly seen disorder due to the bulging and twisting of veins under the leg skins. Nowadays its commonly in aged peoples and also in others. The important veins are deep vein and superficial vein. The varicose vein is a hereditary disorder. Usually, it seems in women’s and also lot of ladies were affected .The most main reasons for varicose vein in women’s are hormone changes, menopause, pregnancy period, pregnancy prevention pills ,etc.

Varicose veinSYMPTOMS

The main common symptoms of varicose vein are aching , seendiscomfort and the bulging of veins which we seein skin surface . Varicose is not an serious medical issue but if don’t gave suitable treatment gradually it makes trouble.There is no need to treat all varicose veins.Here in this video we described about the reasons and purely natural remedies for varicose vein.


                                             Leech therapy is used for complicated varicose veins. Its to destroy the unclean blood and is helpful to avoid itching and sores . Put the drumstick skin ,m ustard , garlic and make it as a form of paste and slowly put it in bulged varicose also help to switch varicose cells. Its better to use the flower paste of a plant named “Athirani”. It is helpful to prevent the varicose vein.

Olive oil : is one of the most useful thing in the natural treatment of varicose . It helps for the easy blood circulation . By massaging with olive oil help to increase circulation there by it reduce inflammation .

Garlic: is another important one in the treatment of varicose . It breaks all the harmful toxin which includes in blood vessels. Garlic also improves the blood circulation level.

Pepper : Vitamin C is helpful to prevent the Varicose .The cayenne pepper contain lot of  vitamin c and helpful for easy blood circulation .It helps to erase the pain due to twisted and bulged veins . The below video also helps you to know about the natural home treatment for varicose vein . please watch the video and give your valuable comments