healthy Hair and healthy food


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healthy Hair


Healthy food is essential for the healthy and long straight hair. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the healthy shiny and strong hair.Main cause of the hair loss are some times genetic otherwise its due to the lack of hormones ,nutrients ,proteins etc. Here is some of healthy foods for getting the healthy hair.

1, EGG

In eggs it having the Most essential vitamin B . Its also called us biotin . This biotin helps for the growth of strength and shiny long hair.Almonds also have the vitamin b and help for the perfect growth of hair.


Liver contains lot of iron.  Iron is essential for the healthy support hair . Iron deficiency is one of the most most reason for hair loss .Liver in meat have extra amount of iron and get strong hair


Nuts are also useful for getting hair ,peanuts walnuts have the enormous amount of vitamins and proteins which is useful for the hair


Guava is one of the natural fruit which control in hair loss  . Guava have vitamin c which help to control  the breaking of hair. Its mostly useful for the thin hair . Usually it works in ladies long hair.Orange is also a healthy fruit for getting vitamin c .It controls the hair loss and usually supports tiny hair for strong and good growth.


Spinach is good for the health of hair . spinach juice is also used for various health problems. By the means of nature it is good for getting good long hair and for the good hair growth.Its contains vitamins and minerals which is most helpful for the good and healthy hair grows.Spinach and its juice also good to get resistant power of our body .It helps to increase the disease resistant power of our body.For safe and good health try to get down in nature.