Acid Reflux New Home Remedies


Acid Reflux New Home Remedies


Nowadays the most common problem faced by the teenagers and most of all age peoples are acid reflux.It’s mostly due to the unhealthy food habits.Overuse of masala foods and dried or fried foods result in acid reflux.To overcome this problem surely we can control our food habits.It’s due to an excess of gastric acid produced in our stomach.It results in Acid reflux.


The main causes of acid reflux are

1, Smoking

2, Using of excessive alcohol contents

3, Excess use of spicy foods

4, Overuse of Fried foods and junk foods

5, Unhealthy food time


The main symptoms of acid reflux are

1, Chest burning sensation.

2, Throat pain

3, Bitterness in mouth

4, Dry throat


1, CARDAMOM WATER: Take one glass of water or 250 ml of water.Grind 2 pieces of crushed cardamom in it. Boiled the mixture for fifteen minutes. After boiling sieve the boiled water and drink twice a day.These water surely help to overcome the acid reflux problems.

2, BASIL LEAVES: Use basil leaves at the time of eating will help to reduce the Acid reflux.Use it continuously for one week help to control the Acid reflux.Use it before the meals.

3, CHILLED MILK: Chilled milk also helps to control the Acid reflux. Use chilled milk after food will reduce acid reflux.

One of the most effective remedies to overcome acid reflux is tried to avoid the fried food items.Try to avoid the pepper foods, Avoid the Vinegar soluted food items.To avoid Acid reflux completely avoid Chocolates, Carbonated colas, Tomato ketchup.Try to avoid coffee and tea etc.