Grilled chicken problems


Grilled chicken problems

Grilled chicken problems 

Chicken is always tasty and fun to eat, all non-vegetarian lovers, love chicken very much! When it comes to tandoori or grilled chicken, where the chicken is directly cooked with raw fire, the delicious food pops out! Almost everyone loves it!But the world has the image that chicken and other regular meats are bad for health, in this post we will find out whether grilled chicken is good or bad for your health. Grilled chicken in the sense we will cover all types of raw-cooked chickens.

A survey conducted among a half a million people stated that among them 3000 women who consume grilled and other raw cooked chicken regularly had the higher percentage of 47 percent higher risk of breast cancer. Don’t get shocked, everything taken in limit is always safe, taking something over the limit is always a boon for your health, and it may be chicken or alcohol the percentage of intake should always be taken care of.

Age also plays an important role in this discussion. The intake of meats should be drastically decreased as the age grows older. Heterocyclic amines, popularly known as HCAs are carcinogenic chemicals which are present in the meats muscles.

PAHs or Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are a gang of thousand different chemicals present in vapor and gaseous form in the smoke emitted when a meat is cooked raw like grilled chicken which will lead to some dangerous diseases like lung cancer, bladder cancer, etc.

Cooking the grilled chicken in an open air or in the big instrument are always dangerous, however cooking grilled chicken in microwave ovens reduce the HCAs attack up to ninety-five percent.

Use a thermometer and cook the chicken at 145 – 165 degree Fahrenheit. Clean the grill so that the bacteria’s left on the previous cook will not transfer to your new meal. Always boil the chicken raw in water to remove the bacteria percent in it. Take the points mentioned above, cook safely and have happy eating experience!